The culmination of Caucasus trip - Mount Elbrus!

The culmination of Caucasus trip - Mount Elbrus!

The culmination of our trip to the Caucasus was Mount Elbrus. This beautiful giant of volcanic origin is the highest point in Europe. Its height is 5642 meters above sea level. Its image is enveloped in legends and secrets. But we are not collectors of legends, we are travelers and therefore our main task is to enjoy the beauty of the roads and the grandeur of the mountains.

We reached the southern slopes of Elbrus, the Azau glade driving along the picturesque mountain roads and passes. On the way, we had some stops to stroll around, make some photos, and visit the famous mineral springs.

The culmination of Caucasus trip - Mount Elbrus!

There is a ski resort and a complex of hotels for skiers and mountaineers on the Azau glade. Since one of my personal hobbies was mountaineering, I expected to meet a lot of familiar climbers here, and so it happened. Meeting friends is always a nice bonus to your trip.

Then we went up by cable car to the highest observation point, but we were not very lucky with the weather, so we did not see all the gorgeousness of the Northern slopes of the Great Caucasus Range. The view of such peaks as Ushba, Donguz-Orun and Nakratayu also remained unrealizable. After trampling the snow on the slopes of Elbrus for a short time, we went to Cheget, situated under the slopes of Donguz-Orun. Then the weather cleared up a little and the view of the snowy peaks opened up. In general, I wanted to stay here for a long time, to explore all the mountain gorges, live in a tent and walk along the untrodden paths. But the beginning of May is early spring for these places and therefore the most comfortable way to travel at this time is to drive a SUV.

The culmination of Caucasus trip - Mount Elbrus!

If you are interested in driving along the mountain roads of the Caucasus, Mount Elbrus will become a "cherry on the cake" of your trip.

I advise you to listen to a variety of legends about this highest European mountain during your trip. We have learned about a dozen of these legends during our short trip, but we will tell them to you only when you come to join us for a trip.

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Sincerely yours Elena Dudashvili

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