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ST. Petersburg — Sortavala — Petrozavodsk — Kizhi — Tihvin — Vologda — Koprino — Sergiev Posad — Moscow
Describing Russia in a few words, most say, it is a land of vast expanses, private people, cold weather and heavy sky. But this journey is made to break stereotypes, as still there is something non-traditional in traditional Russia.

Duration: 12 days / 11 nights

Driving distance: 1600 km

Types of driving: On-Road; Snow; Light off-road

Activities: Self driving tour


Minimum driver age: 21

Group size: from 6 to 15 person

Accommodation: Best hotels on the way (Twin/Double occupancy)

Nutrition: 3 times a day (excluding lunches on first and last days)

Best time: December - March

Part 1. Saint Petersburg

Arrival to St. Petersburg. Accommodation in one of the best hotels in the city. Free time (-/-/-)

Part 1. Saint Petersburg

Part 2. Saint Petersburg

In case you would like to have Sight Seeing tour we can offer you next options:

Вариант 1 (Дать ссылку на страницу где будет программа экскурсии 1)

Вариант 2. (Дать ссылку на страницу где будет программа экскурсии 2)

Вариант 3 (Дать ссылку на страницу где будет программа экскурсии 3)

Accommodation in a hotel 5* (B / -/ -)

Part 2. Saint Petersburg

Part 3. St. Petersburg – Vyborg

The length of the route: 200 km

The road from St. Petersburg to Vyborg is very picturesque, we will ride along the Finland Gulf  and enjoy its wonderful views. We will take a rest on the way to see beautiful sandy banks. Some stops by beautiful villages.  This day we will also drive  along the winding road running its way along the bay towards one of the most romantic cities in Karelia - Vyborg.

Accommodation in a hotel. (B / L / D)

Part 3. St. Petersburg – Vyborg

Part 4. Vyborg - Sortavala

The length of the route: 300 km

After breakfast we will drive to the city with the Finnish name Sortavala. We will see the beauty of Karelia on the way. Be sure to drive along the shore of Ladoga Lake and experience off-road. By the evening we will come to the nice hotel situated on the shore of the lake. There are 2 eco-paths with lightning and relaxation areas. One of them connects the hotel and the restaurant turning a dinner trip into a pleasant walk through the forest.

Hotel accommodation (B / L / D)

Part 4. Vyborg - Sortavala

Part 5. Sortavala - Ruskeala Park - Sortavala

The length of the route: 40 km

After breakfast, we will go to the Ruskeala Natural Park- a must-see location of the world! We would suggest everyone who believes in fairy-tales and loves mountains to go there!

Upon arrival, you will admire the wonderful landscape of the park. There you will see the hidden corners of the former marble quarry, go through the mysterious galleries and drifts. The guide of the Ruskeala mountain park will take you to the most interesting places, during the tour he’ll let you into the history of mining, its myths and legends. He will tell you about some interesting things one can do in the mysterious adits. Then we will go down the "Underground Route" passing under the Marble Canyon. There you will witness not only mysterious labyrinths and adits, but also the famous underground lake with illumination. And in winter ice figures from Russian fairy tales will appear on a frozen lake.

After lunch, you will have an hour to be spent on strolling around or buy some souvenirs. Back to hotel free time

Hotel accommodation (B / L / D)

Part 5. Sortavala - Ruskeala Park - Sortavala

Part 6. Sortavala – Karjala park - Petrozavodsk

The length of the route: 270 km

After breakfast we will hit the road again. First we will drive along the beautiful forest roads on the shore of Ladoga Lake. We will stop along the way to admire beautiful places and relax. Then we will head to  Karjala Park, the place is located on the bank of the Shuya River. There you will meet one of the most beautiful dog breeds - Siberian Husky. You will experience dogsledding and taste Karelian dishes for lunch in the real plague, you will learn how to play Karelian folk instruments. After the end of the interactive program, we will drive to Petrozavodsk.

Hotel accommodation (B / L / D)

Part 6. Sortavala – Karjala park - Petrozavodsk

Part 7. Petrozavodsk - Kizhi Island - Petrozavodsk

After breakfast, we will head to the shore of Lake Onega. Then we will slide along the ice smooth surface to Kizhi Island. In winter we use a special vehicle-  Khivus (Hovercraft).

Wooden architecture can be found throughout Russia, but Kizhi Island boasts some of the nation's most famous and most intricate examples. These structures on Kizhi Island date back to various centuries (the oldest to the 14th century), and they have been transported to the island so that they may be preserved and be accessible to the public. Each ensemble here is a masterpiece.

We will enjoy a fascinating excursion and go back to Petrozavodsk. 

Hotel accommodation. (B / L / D)

Part 7. Petrozavodsk - Kizhi Island - Petrozavodsk

Part 8. Petrozavodsk - Mandrogi

The length of the route: 222 km.

Petrozavodsk is equated to the regions of the Far North. The city is located on the shores of Lake Onega, Europe’s second largest lake. There are about 100 springs in the city. Unfortunately, we do not have much time to explore the city and its attractions, as we are looking forward to amazing adventures and beautiful places. We'll go to Mandrogi. Enjoy Russian villages behind and will stop at a scenic church on the way. We will arrive to Mandrogi by the lunch time. This village was wiped out during WWII. In the 1990a it was brought back to life as an outdoor museum, resort and artisan village. We will sleigh ride after lunch.

Free time: In Mandrogi one can find a lot of Russian-style things to discover on your own: matroyska dolls, christmas decorations, beautiful lace work, linen, books, pottery, jewellery, clothing, felt work, too many to name all. And the most important- it is the best place where you can taste real hotcakes (pirozhki), in Mandrogi everyone gets amazed with them.

Hotel accommodation (B/L/D)

Part 8. Petrozavodsk - Mandrogi

Part 9. Mandrogi - Velikiy Novgorod - Seliger

The length of the rote: 345 km

Let us head to Velikiy Novgorod with a stop at Staraya Ladoga on the way - the oldest village in the Leningrad region, with a significant accumulation of ancient monuments. It is known not only for the pagan fortress, ancient churches, monasteries, barrows and caves, but also for the fact that, according to many sources, it is the original capital of ancient northern Russia.
After lunch we will see Novgorod Kremlin- the most ancient out of the preserved Kremlins in Russia (it is first mentioned in the chronicle of 1044). It was founded by Prince Yaroslav. Nestled along the Volkhov River, Novgorod will charm you with the contours of its landscape, domed churches and classic white-walled monasteries.
In the evening you will see the wonderful Russian Falk Show that leaves no one indifferent.

This day we will see Ilmen Lake on the way -  the lake provides the headwaters of the Volkhov River. We will admire the source of Volga River as well. Then we will drive along the beautiful road along the Valday upland towards Seliger. The area of the lake is 260 km&³2;, including more than 160 small islands  (there are more than 160 of  on Seliger). The largest is Khachin.

Seliger receives 110 tributaries  and only one Selizharovka river flows from it. The lake lies at an altitude of 205 meters above sea level and has a glacial origin. This explains its peculiar shape - it is not a lake in the usual sense, but rather a chain of lakes stretching from north to south for 100 km and connected by short narrow channels.  Seliger is situated within a picturesque landscape of forests and hills. The lake is a protected nature reserve and is sometimes known as the "European Baikal" due to the diversity of its unique flora and fauna, similar to Lake Baikal. Valdaysky National Park covers the northern part of the lake. In the evening you may ski or go sledding.

Hotel accommodation (B/L/D)

Part 9. Mandrogi - Velikiy Novgorod - Seliger

Part 10. Seliger - Moscow

The length of the route:  383 km

This day we will witness Nilo-Stolbenskaya Pustyn (Nilova Pustyn) - an Orthodox monastery located on Stolbnoy Island on Lake Seliger. Founded in 1594, it was one of the largest and wealthiest monasteries in the Russian Empire. At the end of the 1980s, a significant part of the buildings were either lost or in a dilapidated state. Now it is one of the most impressive ensembles of Neoclassical architecture in Eastern Europe. The half of the day we will drive along the beautiful roads of Valday upperland. By the evening we will reach Moscow and have dinner in the restaurant, decorated in Russian style.

Hotel accommodation (B/L/D)

Part 10. Seliger - Moscow

Part 11. Moscow

Sight Seeing trip in Moscow center:

  1. Вариант 1 (Дать ссылку на страницу где будет программа экскурсии 1)
  2. Вариант 2. (Дать ссылку на страницу где будет программа экскурсии 2)
  3. Вариант 3 (Дать ссылку на страницу где будет программа экскурсии 3)
  4. Мoscow River Cruise on amazing Radisson boat.

Hotel accommodation (B/-/-)

Part 12. Departure

End of the program

The cost includes:

  • UAZ Patriot – vehicle specially designed for driving tours (UAZ Patriot 2018-2019). One vehicle for 3-4 people
  • Support car with all the necessary equipment
  • Mechanic- instructor
  • English-speaking guide
  • Accommodation in the hotels: Moscow and SPB in the City Center, and the best hotels on the road. (the list of hotels is sent when booking the program)
  • Meals 3 times a day according to the program
  • Route preparation including off-road part
  • Sight Seeing tours and active programs according to the program
  • Souvenirs and memory gifts from the company

The cost does not include:

  • Single supplement
  • Early check in
  • Nutrition not indicated in the program
  • Additional program and services
  • Strong drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • International flights and Personal insurance

Winter rest in Karelia

Winter rest in Karelia is an exciting adventure that will leave no one indifferent – delight magnificent snow-covered landscapes and a drive from speed at driving on picturesque lines of forest and the frozen lakes. Winter of Russian North is snowy and long. The first frosts begin at the end of December, and keeps until the end of April.

Karelia is the place where you can see the real winter. The snow is fluffy, not caked, and iridescent with the colors of the rainbow, a little frost makes the air fresh and pure... This winter is kept in mind for ages.

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