Blog and News

Blog and News
21 Sep 2023
In 2024, we begin a series of winter adventures with a journey arranged together with Luis J.A. Wee, the legend of 4x4 trophy rallies and overland trips.
Map of Russia from St.Petersburg to Vladivostok
12 Apr 2021
We invite everyone to join us on a 35-day overland journey across Russia from July 25, 2021 to August 28, 2021! Driving distance: 12,000 km. Vehicles: Your own…
Blog and News
26 Jan 2021
This year winter has exceeded all expectations! ! Lots of snow. ! A real Russian frost. ! Beautiful white roads. ! Frozen lakes and rivers. But this…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
24 Dec 2020
Dearest friends and partners, We wish you a merry Christmas and an amazing New Year! We encourage everyone to look for new exciting routes and will gladly assist…
Winter roads in Russia
21 Sep 2020
We are forced to reschedule the winter trip under the RFTWS brand with the personal participation of Luis Via, in January 2021. This decision was made under the…
Trip to Kislovodsk
3 Sep 2020
Traveling through the Caucasus, it is impossible to miss the resort cities located on mineral springs. One of those cities is Kislovodsk. We also decided not to…
Elbrus self-driving trip
2 Sep 2020
The culmination of our trip to the Caucasus was Mount Elbrus. This beautiful giant of volcanic origin is the highest point in Europe. Its height is 5642 meters above…
Trip to Arhyz by UAZ Patriot
1 Sep 2020
We were interested in the gorge itself and the Sofia waterfalls during this trip. I’d say that the road from the Arkhyz glade looks more like a stony riverbed, flowing…
Trip to Guamka gorge
31 Aug 2020
Our purpose was the Guamka gorge. Despite the short distance, we let our desires run wild, tested our UAZ Patriots in a real off road and drove along the mountain-forest…
Dolmens in Adygeya
30 Aug 2020
Scientists around the world say that these strange stone structures, which look like forest houses, are prototypes of the Egyptian pyramids. First of all, because…
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