Snow activities

Snow activities

In summer we swim in the sea, ride bicycles, roller skates, and so on. In winter if you are lucky with the snowy weather - here are some great options for getting a lot of benefit from the outdoor games and walks in the fresh frosty air and from the myriad of positive and fun that will certainly fall on you like snow on your head in the literal sense.

1. Playing snowballs is perfect not only for children but also for adults. The number of individuals sculpting and throwing snowballs at each other can easily vary from two to infinity, it can be friends, family, family friends, friends and families, acquaintances, neighbors, or even random passers-by. Sculpt and throw!

And if it is not enough for you to just play snowballs, improve your games by first sculpting snow fortresses.

Snow activities

2. Make a snowman. The snowman is a real symbol of winter. Making a snowman is a great answer to the question of what to do outside in winter. It is not only a very exciting and fun process, but always a pleasing result. For a really big dude from snow balls, you will need the help of friends, but a BIG snowman will delight you with its majestic appearance for as long as possible, and it will probably melt only in spring. Together or alone, you can sculpt a small snowman, they also look cool. To decorate the snowman, use imagination and improvised tools, buckets, hats, scarves, carrots for the nose, embers for the eyes, plugs, caps, buttons, twigs for pens, mittens, gloves, and so on.

3. Build a snow fortresses. Actually, sculpting snow fortresses or fort is a more detailed way to have fun playing snowballs in winter. Just before throwing snowballs at each other, you can pre-prepare for the battle, split into two or more teams, and build a fortress of snow for each team. Snowballs can also be prepared in advance, stacked in a pile behind the fortress. You can also hide behind it yourself, leaning out only to throw a snowball at the "opponents". You can use flags or banners, try to break through the fortress of the "enemy" to hang their banner, and at the same time try to protect your own from theft

4. Make an angel in the snow. Winter is a very romantic time of year. And making an angel in the snow, undoubtedly, this romance is enhanced at times. The main rule — before making angels in the snow, warm coat\jacket, warm gloves or mittens, and warm hat are needed. Next, you carefully lie down on your back and move your arms and legs evenly, then carefully rise, trying not to spoil the freshly made angels in the snow. It usually looks very cool. A truly elegant process, an excellent result.

Snow activities

5. Sledding or snowtubing. You just need to find a slide, get a sled or a snowtube, and that is it. No matter if you are a child or adult – you would probably like to go downhill on a sled in winter. Of course, it is very fun and exciting. Yes, sometimes it is also very extreme, but observing the basic safety rules and common sense, you can always protect yourself from injuries and get only the most positive emotions from the process.

6. Snowboard, ski, skate, bike and other cool things If you regularly snowboard, ski or skate, you know perfectly well what you can do outside in winter with the maximum benefit for your body and soul.

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