River Rafting

River Rafting

River rafting is a non-standard adventure for extreme enthusiasts. Various equipment is used for rafting: kayaks, catamarans and rafts. Nowadays catamarans and rafts can withstand a huge load of water, rocks, temperature changes, their design is based on the vast experience of previous water tours.

Why is Karelia ideal for river rafting? Karelia is a beautiful land of rapid rivers, fish lakes and coniferous forests, stunning Northern nature, clean water and air. It is impossible not to fall in love with nature, even in inclement weather. Some information about river rafting…

River Rafting

The passage of obstacles depends on the actions of each participant. There is instructor on each ship, who determines the trajectory of passing thresholds and obstacles, while no one in the boat can argue with him, they can only suggest.

What is the danger?

  1. A "Barrel" is an insidious local river obstacle with a foam boiler at the base and a reverse current (counterflow) on the surface. Once in the “barrel”, it can "hold" and even turn the catamaran or raft.
  2. Hitting your head on rocks. This is dangerous if a person falls from a ship into the river. All tourists are wearing helmets, so the danger here is minimal. But in summer everyone wants to swim while rafting on the river, and swim, of course, without helmets. When diving under water, they hit their heads-which is a common case.
  3. Forest is a place of danger. When going to the forest for a walk, fishing, for mushrooms and berries, you need to remember the basic rules:
  • Warn the instructor when living, indicate the direction in which you will go, agree on the time.
  • Using an axe or saw is a dangerous activity.
  • Allergy - the body's reaction to various natural phenomena. A person doesn't know what they might be allergic to until they encounter it. There are a lot of plants, insects in the forest, it can lead to bad allergic reactions.

Remember that professional equipment and competent instruction are 90% of the guarantee of safety.

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