Khivus/hovercraft riding

Khivus/hovercraft riding

Endless expanses, ice sparkling in the sun, winter frosty air - you will get only the most positive emotions when traveling on the boat Khivus.

One of the most exciting activities is riding on the amphibious boat Khivus-10 (also called an airship), which is considered the safest form of transport. The uniqueness of this vessel is that it can travel both on ice and on water. Khivus feels equally comfortable both in water and on land. Thus, you can take trip on the lake both in winter and summer, and even when the ice on the lake is not strong enough to walk or drive on it.

Khivus/hovercraft riding

The hovercraft has interesting construction. The bottom of the Khivus has built-in discharge fans. They create a higher pressure in a confined space, so the ship rises above the surface and rides as if on an air cushion. Special main propellers are installed in the aft part of the boat, they set in motion a boat.

In summer, the hovercraft develops a speed much higher than an ordinary boat- and no pitching inside. In addition, it is equipped with safe braking on a hard ground surface. In fact, you can moor to the very shore of the lake, which is not possible for large excursion ships because of the danger of running aground.

In winter, snowdrifts, cracks in the ice, or snow hummocks- hovercraft can overcome any circumstance. The airship rushes quickly and smoothly, and you can only admire the extraordinary winter landscapes! On this boat you can get to the most intimate corners of any lake, whereas at other times it is almost impossible to get there. After all, it is very spacious inside and you can spend time over there with a large company of about 8 people one.

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