Dog sledding

Dog sledding

There are only few types of outdoor activities that can compete with dog sledding tours in terms of their emotional intensity and accessibility.

It is very difficult to describe the joy of communicating with huskies and other sled dogs to those who have never tried this kind of activity. You have my word, it's absolutely fantastic! And there is no exaggeration here, since these dogs literally love man and do their best to bring him joy.

Dog sledding

The feelings are so strong, that guests who just came to the aviary for a tour, can hardly stop stroking these nice dogs! :) And now, imagine that these miracle dogs are with you for an hour or even more, in a natural environment.

Remaining an ACTIVE type of recreation, dog sledding tours do not require special physical training and are suitable for tourists of all age groups – from children to pensioners.

The unhurried and silent running of the team is usually complemented by the admiring of the surrounding nature and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. This is a special, incomparable pleasure!

Each route provides time for rest and catering. Depending on the program, it can be a light snack or a hot lunch. The menu includes dishes of national cuisine.

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