A must for waterlovers! While you hike and glide down the Canyon you’ll follow the current in a steep clove. Rappels in waterfalls, swimming, jumping in steep water and natural waterslides!Canyoning

Canyoning is an active type of recreation, in which a person gets a lot of positive impressions and feels adrenaline. It is a descent through the canyons of mountain rivers by swimming or on foot, it can be technical (with the use of climbing equipment) or on foot (without the use of special equipment). Each canyoning is unique– it can include a descent down a cascade of waterfalls or stone water slides with special equipment, a descent on ropes using vertical techniques, or jumping from waterfalls into deep baths. The route of canyoning is selected, first of all, depending on the physical fitness of the participants, the need to use climbing equipment, the terrain and climatic features. Independent kayaking without experienced instructors is very dangerous. Being accompanied by the instructor is simply necessary, he will take the measures to organize insurance in very dangerous places, and carry out regular monitoring of the route. Moreover, on some routes there are places from which it is impossible to get to the shore on your own.


Not every area is suitable for canyoning, and an ordinary river flowing nearby will not give you as much pleasure as a canyon suitable for this event. These canyons are often cut into solid rock, thus forming narrow gorges, numerous springs, and sometimes large waterfalls. Sometimes canyons may include sandstone, basalt, limestone or granite, and some other types of rocks. You can choose a canyon according to the degree of passing simple or difficult, however, the attention in this sport is more focused on enjoying the beauty of nature and entertainment, rather than overcoming difficulties.

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