ATV riding

ATV riding

The name of ATV means vehicle for all surfaces- indeed it can be driven on almost any terrain- off-road, mud, sand, water and snow. Well, how can you resist dizzying experiments?

Quad Bikes bring you new experience and new impressions and incredible charge of cheerfulness and energy. You will be blown by the wind and inspired by the feeling of freedom and power over the roaring car.

ATV riding

The ATV is suitable for driving on dirt, off-road and difficult tracks. The rider will pass through loose soil, deep puddles, clay, wetlands, etc.

ATV is a wonderful type of motor vehicles, since it is stable, light, maneuverable, with a powerful engine and good cross-country ability. And besides, it seems to everyone that even an untrained driver can manage it. And this fact turns ATVs from an ordinary transport vehicle into the most popular type of active recreation at camp sites and recreation centers.

However, safe riding on Quad bikes requires compliance with a number of rules.

  • If you are driving for the first time, try not to exceed a speed of 40 km per hour.
  • To drive at higher speeds or when actively driving on very rough terrain, you need to master the three main racks that can be occupied by a rider on a Quad bike.

By the way, the word "stand" means that the rider should stand, and not sit on the "fifth point".

After all, because of the high center of gravity, ATVs are prone to flipping, and standing behind the wheel, the driver automatically lowers the center of gravity, which significantly reduces the risk of being under the car.

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