Our advantages

Our advantages



The design of each program is done by savvy car travellers who first ponder and sketch the route in detail, and then scout the places around the would-be road in person. The idea is that the guests could both see beautiful nature and landmarks, and also travel along a well-thought- out course. We thoroughly analyse travel patterns to advise our clients on the best time of year and the most suitable pace, the best hotels or campsites with the most magnificent views around. The convoys are always led by professional instructors who are always there to help, train, suggest options. We try to develop tours so that not only include famous tourist attractions, but also show the uniqueness of Russia, introducing a variety of nature, culture and traditions.

With each booking, we tailor the programs to customer needs as well, seeing our itineraries as a framework that can easily be customized.

We are also probably the only company that conducts winter self-drive tours in Russia.


The tours are not just road trips, but also real adventures. When developing the route, we try to diversify the program so that the tourists get to be involved in active leisure apart from driving.

For example, we include hiking in beautiful places, mountain river rafting or canoeing/kayaking in calm waters. On our tours, you can experience dog-sledding with Siberian Huskies or take a ride in traditional Russian horse-drawn sleigh, feel the power of snowmobiles or ATVs, test the ice for strength and drive across the longest ice crossing on Lake Baikal, learn to skate or ski.

We can include rock climbing or canyoning and many other adventures. Most importantly, you get to drive in all sorts of extreme conditions and brush up your off-roading skills!


We take our pride in ensuring a comfortable stay for our travelers. We use the best hotels for our classic tours, carefully selected in each region we visit on the route. As a rule, we stick to unique boutique hotels with a focus on high comfort level. In case we opt for a campsite in expeditions to very harsh places, we always use a large tent for a dining room, bio-toilets, portable showers, large comfortable sleeping tents, camp furniture and lighting lamps throughout the camp. Our chefs will surprise you with daily delicacies cooked in the field. Food preferences of every single participant are always taken into account, with individual menu prepared if needed. We try our best to shape the itinerary to suit every guest’s mindset, so that they take the most from their time in Russia.


Our tour leaders and local travel support teams always take special care of every aspect of the trip. They brief the guests on traffic rules and road etiquette in Russia and take care of the convoy’s safety at all times.

We scrupulously check our fleet’s technical condition before each tour. Tires always match the season and are always replaced in time.

If you drive your own cars on our tours, the opportunities for maintenance are checked in advance and the addresses of all service stations en-route are provided. Almost all tours are accompanied by an experienced mechanic. The support car has a full set of tools to take case of eventual minor vehicle breakdowns in the field. Cars are also equipped with walkie-talkies and navigators, and we carry a satellite phone for urgent cases.


Mapping out a trip in Russia (or passing through Russia in transit) with your own vehicles? Our company will help you with advice and route planning.

Our staff have extensive knowledge of different Russian regions and peculiarities of local life and will provide you with day-by-day description of the tour with all the necessary information.

We are also happy to share contact details of travellers who have earlier participated in similar expeditions, so that you could learn about their experience.

When you sign up for a tour or contact us for route preparation, one of our specialists becomes your personal travel consultant. They will assist you every step of the way, starting with the package of documents required for a trip in a foreign car in Russia and other CIS countries, up to a detailed route design. You will get professional consultation as regards hotels or campsites to spend the night, places to eat, gas stations, service stations, the most beautiful sights on the way. If necessary, we will provide you with GPS-tracks for the path you outline.

Every year car travellers in numbers rely on us on their journeys. This is what we can do for you:

  • provide an experienced guide to accompany you on the trip,
  • arrange an escort vehicle with the necessary equipment,
  • rental cars, if one of your travelers only intends to travel a part of the route,
  • book hotels and meals,
  • organize guided tours

    Over the years, we have built strong partnerships with adventure travel professionals. Be it any region where Drive to Russia conducts tours and expeditions, we have reliable on-the-ground partners, guides and the best accommodation options. Long established rapport and friendship with people all over the places we visit help us resolve any issues that might turn up. We cherish our partners around the world: in Germany, Spain, UK, India, USA, and look forward to new cooperation ideas!

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