Teriberka, the Northern lights, frozen sentry and the ship graveyard

Teriberka, the Northern lights, frozen sentry and the ship graveyard

Teriberka is located beyond the Arctic Circle, on the North-Eastern coast of the Kola Peninsula. Winter lasts here from early November to late April, and local summer looks like spring in the other regions of Russia— the average temperature in July is +12 C°.

In the XVI century seasonal settlement of fishermen appeared in Teriberka. And since the second half of the XIX century, the first permanent residents-colonists came here. They were engaged in breeding animals and catching whales. In the last decades before the revolution, the village received the status of a district center.



The greatest development of Teriberka started in the post-war period. There were two fishing farms, dairy farms, poultry farms, ship repair and fish processing enterprises. But after Teriberka was transferred to the jurisdiction of Severomorsk in the 60s its economy took a downturn.

Today, the village is home to less than 1 thousand people, it is divided into two parts: an abandoned old and a relatively new one, where life is still warm — before it was a separate village Lodeynoye. The main occupation of local residents is small-scale private fishing, and guided tours.

Despite the lack of resort infrastructure, the village is considered one of the most interesting places for active recreation, mainly due to the unique natural phenomena, fascinating views and unusual monuments of the past.

Diving is popular among extreme activities. Even in the summer months, the water is cold, but clean, which allows you to see the inhabitants of coastal waters in all details. Hunting for the Northern lights.

Trip to Teriberka by car

Trip to Teriberka by car

This picturesque natural phenomenon is one of the main reasons for tourists pilgrimage to Teriberka. It is most likely to catch the Aurora during the polar night: from the beginning of December to the middle of January. There are no guarantees, someone is lucky enough to see this miracle of nature on the first day of the trip, and someone can wait for several weeks.It is funny, but while tourists are literally hunting for the Northern lights, locals complain that the atmospheric phenomenon prevents them from sleeping.

On the Northern edge of Teriberka there is a beach with huge oval boulders. The locals call them dinosaur eggs.

Graveyard of ships is one more tmospheric place at the entrance to the village. The cemetery appeared in the 60s. Indeed, the old ships found their last resting place on this coast.

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