Lake Seliger

Lake Seliger

Lake Seliger was formed by a glacier. It is not an ordinary lake. In fact it is rather a chain of lakes connected by short narrow channels with a total area of 260 km2, and a coastline of more than 500 km long. It accepts 110 tributaries, the largest of which are Krapivenka, Soroga and Seremukha, and only one river flows out of it — Selizharovka.

Lake Seliger is genuinely massive: sitting on a large, sandy beach or strolling alongside the waterfront, you’ll hardly be able to see the opposite shore.

The name Seliger is of Finno-Ugric origin. According to one version it means clean lake, according to another - lake with roach. Indeed fish is in abundance here and fishing is a traditional occupation of local residents. There are about 30 species of fish in Seliger. The lake is known for its clear waters and at a five-meter depth, you can easily see pikes, yazis, bream and walleye. The average depth of the lake is 6 meters, although experienced researchers sometimes claim that in some places even a 20-meter anchor does not reach the bottom.

At Seliger Lake

At Seliger Lake

Seliger is a navigable lake. But navigation is very difficult, mainly because of two reasons: the first one is shoals that become Islands when the water level drops, the treacherous waves and winds form the second reason. Therefore the profession of a boatman is hereditary. They even invented a special boat seligerka - a punt with high sides, raised bow and stern. With this design, the local waves become less frightening.

Despite its glacial origin, Seliger heats up very quickly in summer. A quiet place of silvery mosses, flowering heather, and sandy beaches, Seliger is as beautiful as its famous European counterparts — lake Balaton and lake Geneva. At the same time, it is only 500 km from the capital.

Those who love outdoor activities will definitely find something to do: in the vicinity of the city you can hunt, fisride horses, rent a speedboat, go rock climbing and even windsurfing – in the city of Selizharovo there is a camp set up specifically for windsurfing enthusiasts.

Whether you decide to actively spend your vacation or want to take a leisurely break, Seliger is a great choice.

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