Karjala Park complex is a unique tourist base

Karjala Park complex is a unique tourist base

Karjala Park complex is a unique tourist base in Karelia, which is located in a picturesque area between the village of Matrosy and the village of Polova, 406 km from the Kola highway St. Petersburg-Murmansk.

Karjala Park is 2 hectares of forest and a territory developed in an eco-friendly way including eco-hotel, cottages, reception, large tipi, grill-zone and Husky kennels. The park also boasts fleet of new equipment and vehicles by the leading producers (BMW, BRP, Nissan and Fiat) and regularly renewed high-quality gears by the best brands (SkiDoo, Prijon, Palm, Red Fox) . Besides it is a home to amazing creatures that look like wolves, with incredible eyes- Siberian huskies. There are 35 sled dogs in the kennel. Here you can ride a dog sled, feeling like a pioneer in the far North, or just get acquainted with the dogs.

Each kennel dog has its own character and habits. Some of huskies like to be scratched behind the ears, while others prefer to have their tummy and neck stroked. There are also animals shy at first, but after meeting a person they completely trust him. You can communicate with dogs on the territory of the kennel or take a walk together outside.

Karjala Park

Karjala Park

Karjala Park offers two cozy Scandinavian-style cottages for guests to stay in. The houses are located on the picturesque Bank of the Shuya river, surrounded by majestic pines and can accommodate up to 10 people. Eco-hotel and cottages are fully equipped for comfortable accommodation: kitchen with a full set of utensils and a dishwasher, a bathroom with sauna and a washing machine, a living room with a floor-to-ceiling window, and 2 separate bedrooms on the second floor. At the request of guests, the staff of Karjala Park can prepare delicious meals and even set a large table in the living room on the first floor of the cottage.

In the park you will be offered exciting active programs: Enduro tours and trips, expeditions, fishing on lake Onega, lake kayaking, catamarans and rafts, and much more. For those who like to spend a quiet time, there is a school of crafts, cooking classes, and musical groups. The complex is suitable for celebrations and corporate events.

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