The Guamka gorge

The Guamka gorge

The Kurjips River has been washing a deep trench in the rocks of the GUAM gorge for million years. In some places, its depth reaches 400 meters, and the walls narrow to 5 meters. The gorge starts from the village of Guamka and stretches for 3.5 kilometers turning into a wooded area surrounded by mountains on the way. There is also interesting historical data about the origin and history of the development of the GUAM gorge. These events took place in the distant 1717, when these lands belonged to the Adygs, proud and freedom- loving people. Once the Turkish khans came to the GUAM gorge and nearby territories, they began to attack the local inhabitants. Driving them into the forest, they wanted to gain a glorious victory. But Adygs took them by a trick, blocking the exit and entrance to the gorge with huge stones. Turks had nowhere to run, so under the weight of falling stones from above, they fell into the river and could not resist.

Guamka gorge

Guamka gorge

The history of construction of the railway that runs through the GUAM gorge is also a matter of concern. Local residents say that since 1928, it was the prisoners who built the railway in just three years. It was mainly intended for transporting timber, and connected several of the most famous localities and tourist bases of those places. It was designed by some not very famous engineer, who even made a mistake in the calculations, but then the matter was quickly corrected. By the way, the fallen car, which is located at the mouth of the river of the GUAM gorge, is a vivid reminiscent of those times. It has been lying there for many years, attracting and simultaneously scaring tourists with the danger of raging nature.

In addition to breathtaking views of the river and rocks, there are several notable places in the gorge:

  • Railway station and cafe 1707. The tourist train stops here. You can take beautiful photos with a river view; eat indoors or on the terrace.
  • A train that fell into the river. The old car in the river can be seen from one of the sections of the railway.
  • Waterfall. Mini waterfall situated in 900 meters after the station and café. Some sources describe it as a beautiful waterfall that falls directly on the tracks, but it only looks like this after the rains, the rest of the time it is just a trickle of water on the rock.
  • Historical bridge (Dry beam bridge). A memorial plaque is installed next to the railway bridge, 1100 meters from the station and cafe. This bridge was blown up twice by partisans to prevent the Germans from moving across the mountains to Sochi.
  • Monument to Dedova Maria. It is located one and a half kilometers from the station, almost at the very end of the gorge. In 1979, a railway crawler died under a mudflow, having managed to warn a passenger train about the danger at the cost of her life.
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