Elbrus mountain and region

Elbrus mountain and region

Mt Elbrus rises imperiously on the northern spur of the Caucasus ridge of the Baksan Valley.The two-headed giant crowns the surrounding mountains with its snow cap. The giant appeared here about 2-3 million years ago. During this time, Elbrus has grown to become the highest mountain peak in Europe and get into the list of the highest mountains in six parts of the world Seven peaks by the name. In addition, it is among the 7 wonders of Russia along with Baikal Lake, the Valley of geysers in Kamchatka, weathering pillars of Komi Republic and other attractions.

Mount Elbrus was formed more than 2.5 million years ago. Elbrus was active in the Holocene, and according to the Global Volcanism Program, the last eruption took place about AD 50. The longest flow extends 24 kilometres down the northeast summit, indicative of a large eruption. The western summit has a well-preserved volcanic crater about 250 metres in diameter. The scientists still argue whether the volcano is extinct or dormant. The fact that makes us believe the “extinct” version is that the bowels of the mountain store hot masses that warm some mineral springs in the region up to +60 degrees. They say that the most recent eruption took place in the beginning of our era.

The mount never cease to inspire and admire, which is reflected by all its names: Elborus- the Lord of the Wind, Mingi-Tau - the Eternal Mountain of Wisdom; the Mountain of the Blessed, the Mountain of Happiness, the Mountain of the Day, Shining mountain, Shat-Mountain, or even Marquee, as it was called by Russians in XVII-XVIII centuries.

Road to Elbrus

Road to Elbrus

Thanks to the abundance of snow and glaciers that cover the peaks all year round, Elbrus feeds the largest rivers of the North Caucasus with its waters.

Over the years, people are more and more closely encircling the peak. They do not want to worship it, but to conquer. Ascents to the mountain have been officially conducted since the XIX century, and now they have added skiing, Heli-skiing, freeride, paragliding, rock and ice climbing, tracking, snowmobile and mountain bike safaris, kiteboarding and special routes for climbers.

A sacred mountain for many peoples for thousands of years, the key to solving the mysteries of civilizations, a symbol of everything in the world — from human perseverance and endurance to never ending freedom.

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