In Adygea one can hardly find peaks that experienced climbers intend to conquer, intense parties or cutting-edge architecture. But the flow of tourists here is increasing every year. So the region is among the five most attractive places in Russia. What is its secret? Maybe, its unique nature, rich history and fabulous flowers are the reason. A local specialty is flowers, especially Crimean roses and lavender, grown for scent. On the marshy floodplain along the Kuban River, some 20,000 acres (8,000 hectares) have been reclaimed for market gardening.

The Republic of Adygea is considered one of the smallest subjects of the country, which plays right into traveler’s hands. In a couple of days one can see Alpine meadows covered with herds of cows and horses, cascades of waterfalls-almost like in Scandinavia, and carved granite canyons that resemble American ones. Authentic auls where gray-bearded elders live the same way as their ancestors a couple of centuries ago, early human settlements, dolmens and mounds- all can be easily found at the territory of the Republic.



Recreation in Adygea is primarily associated with the mountains. UNESCO experts have included them in the world heritage list. Indeed, part of the region is occupied by the famous Caucasian biosphere reserve, where you can meet bears, wolves, and chamois (permission to visit must be obtained from the administration and border service). Some of them are appreciated by fans of Hiking-Hiking. Adygea is an amazing place in terms of the variety of natural attractions: mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls. This is a real Paradise for fans of one-day and multi-day hikes.

The most popular routes are through the plateau of Lago-Naki with ascents to Psheho-su, Oshten or Fisht. Those who stay in the village of Kamennomostsky have a wide choice of places to visit: Rufabgo waterfalls, Khadzhokhskaya gorge, Through cave and other attractions of Adygea. On the road from Kamennomostsky to the South to Guzeripl, you can see the Granite canyon, Cossack stone, Monk mountain near the village of Khamyshki.

However, Adygea is famous not only for its nature, but also for other interesting places. For example, St. Michael's monastery located in the Pobeda village or the numerous dolmens (one of the most famous is Hadzhohskiy dolmen).

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